Business Case Development


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Presenting a business case to the executives of your company is a daunting task. You need to put time and effort into business planning, writing, and presenting to be successful. This course prepares learners interested in the development of effective business cases. Upon completion of this course, you will learn what a business case is and when one is used, how to align it with your company's goals, what research you need to do, and what information should be included in your business case. Finally, you will learn how to present your business case to decision makers.


الفئة المستهدفة: (All interested researchers (male/female - نساء و رجال

اللغة: English

مقدم الورشة: TARIQ BESHTAWI - IBM Digital Strategy

تاريخ بدء الورشة: 2022-10-13

مدة الورشة: 1 يوم - 9:00

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رسوم الورشة: مجاني